Become a CCEB Volunteer



We are actively recruiting French/English bilingual volunteers!


To become a volunteer for the CCEB chiropractors must:

  • A minimum three years of practice in a Canadian jurisdiction and be a member in good standing in that province.
  • Not be on faculty at any chiropractic college, or involved in any exam prep activities.


We cover travel expenses and offer an opportunity to give back to the profession in an important and meaningful way. Socialize and network with classmates and colleagues,

Training is provided for all CCEB volunteer roles.

Most Provincial Regulatory Boards recognize their members’ participation in CCEB activities, which may include reduced fees, or CPD hours/points. CCEB advises the provincial regulatory boards of volunteer participation after each event.

Thank you for your personal dedication and contribution to public health and the integrity of your profession.


For each exam we select as diverse a group of volunteers as possible, based on college of graduation, gender, experience, and geographical location.



Standardized Chiropractic Treatment Patients (SCTP)

SCTPs are used in the chiropractic treatment station of Component C and act the role of a patient. They also assist the Examiner by providing feedback on candidate performance.

Component C Examiners

Examiners observe and score the candidates’ performance.


Item Review Committee

The Item Review Committee meets as required and conducts web-based work throughout the year Question writers may be asked to help create or review items and scenarios for the exams. Templates and assistance are provided by experienced question writers and CCEB staff under the guidance of a psychometrician at these workshops. This Committee also reviews and approves the items selected for each exam.

** We are particularly interested in chiropractors with undergraduate or specialist degrees in Anatomy, Physiology, or Pathology who enjoy the challenges of creating new test questions.

Acceptable Competency Level (ACL) Committee

The ACL Committee meets three times a year. It is responsible for setting the passing score for the exams.