Post Exam Information

Exam results are emailed within four to six weeks of the exam date. Please ensure that the email address we have on file is correct. Contact us at for assistance.



Candidates who successfully complete CCEB requirements will receive a CCEB Certificate. We will also notify the Provincial Regulatory Boards.

Please provide notice of any address changes that occur after the exam.


The score forms are marked electronically. All unsuccessful and borderline candidates are then rescored by hand to ensure accuracy.

A committee of chiropractors from across Canada meets to review the exam item-by-item, consider the feedback, and set the passing score using a modified Angoff method. Curved grading is not used.

The score is finalized by a psychometrician. Psychometrics deals with the science of measuring knowledge, skills, and abilities.


An additional rescore can be provided upon a request received within 4 weeks of the results. Score forms will again be hand graded and compared to the computerized scoring.



Candidates who fail to achieve a passing score will be required to re-take and pass the entire examination. Unsuccessful candidates will receive a performance report and are encouraged to work with their DC program to develop a study plan to prepare for future exam attempt.

A candidate will have a maximum of four attempts per exam.


Candidates may submit an email request for an appeal, with the subject line “Notice of Appeal.” An appeal must be based on extraordinary circumstances and evidence is required to support such a claim.

For full details please see the Appeal Policy